What to Expect for Digital Marketing in 2015 (Published on Social Media Monitors)

As 2014 comes to an end and we evaluate all the changes over the past year, it is hard not to get excited about what 2015 has in store.

So what can we expect in digital marketing in the New Year?

Here are five heads up for 2015:

  • Mobile content will be key: Forbes magazine estimated that 87% of internet device sales by 2017 will be made from tablets and smartphones. Google has also indicated that mobile functionality will be very important in order to get optimal search results. Making sure your business’ website is mobile friendly will be vital in generating sales.
  • Social Media will become more shopping friendly: Facebook and Twitter are already trialing methods of purchasing through social media. However, Hootsuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes has stated that he anticipates e-commerce and social media to become far more integrated in the New Year.

“This approach eliminates one key dilemma all merchants face – how to get customers in the door (or to your website). On Facebook and Twitter, you’ve already got a receptive audience, happily chatting with friends, browsing the latest trends, sharing photos and videos, etc. Once their payment details are on file, purchases are a tap or two away. There are major benefits to advertisers. Connecting individual tweets and Facebook posts with actual purchases has thus far proved a huge analytics challenge. But with the advent of buy buttons, concrete revenue figures can be attached to specific social media messages in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.”


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New Research Shows Facebook is Miles Ahead (Written for Social Media Monitors)

This article was first published on Social Media Monitors’ Corporate Blog: http://bit.ly/1zntyHJ

If you have ever doubted the longevity of Facebook in online marketing, then new research from Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report will have you eating your words.

A lot of people have been debating the validity of Facebook lately, especially as younger demographics move away from the social media network.

However, the latest round of intensive research finished in October 2014, and has shown that Facebook is definitely here to stay. Not only that, but it is quickly overtaking other online networks and outperforming some of the biggest names in technology.

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The Fringe Jazz (As seen on The West End Magazine)


If you haven’t already checked out the line-up for this year’s Brisbane Fringe Festival then get in quick. There have been some seriously excellent performances scattered over Brisbane this last week or so.

I was lucky enough to see some of Brisbane’s best up and coming jazz singers on Sunday night at Upstairs 199. The Fringe Jazz Upstairs: Singers event featured the Charlotte Mclean Organ Trio, the Mel Lathouras Duo and the Sarah Ashton quartet.

Mel Lathouras

Kicking the night off was the lovely Mel Lathouras, who quickly charmed the crowd with her cheeky and relatable repartee. Hailing from Bundaberg, the now West End-based singer was paired with the talented guitarist Chris Bancroft. Together they performed jazz standards, originals and a little bit of country. Continue reading

Simpsons Trivia Night (Published on The West End Magazine)

Homer's night outLocal arts collective Contortionist Studios played host to a booked-out trivia night last Friday. From the very get-go it was easy to see that the organisers had not skipped on any detail, with the trivia stage set up exactly like the Simpons’ famed living room. There were donuts and pretzels a plenty, as well as skittles and dedicated fans in costume. Duff Man made an appearance, as did members from the Stonecutters.

I soon realised that, although I considered myself a Simpsons fan, I was nowhere near the level of devotion required to win this thing. The questions were so carefully picked that I quickly resided myself to a miserable defeat. As the whispered answers filled the room and the competition heated up, it was evident that everyone clearly loved the challenge.

The questions covered a variety of topics, quotes and characters from seasons one to ten. A projector was used to play segments from the show. There were prizes for the Best Team, Best Name and Best Costume.

The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down team took out first place, with second place going to Team Discovery Channel. The Best Team Name award was given to Gummy Artisans Who Work Exclusively In The Medium Of Gummy. And finally the Best Costume was awarded to the very dedicated aforementioned Duffman.

Contortionist Studios is a great venue, featuring a bunch of like-minded artistic professionals working to host innovative events. They also offer a range of creative services; such as filming, graphic design and web design.

The Simpsons Trivia night was a great night and I can only hope that the team at the studio plans to continue this trivia tangent. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

Online dating and the Tinder Phenomenon (Published on Social Media News)

onlinedatingOnline dating is now the second most popular way of meeting someone special. Although it was only just a few years ago that online dating evoked thoughts of desperation and awkward blind dates, it is now becoming increasingly more popular with people of all walks of life.

Online dating is no longer confined to eHarmony profiles or long-winded OKcupid odes to romance and walks on the beach. Nowadays social media hook-up sites mean that your potential soul mate is one swipe and a cheesy imessage away.

Dating app Tinder has become wildly popular in the last six months. Possibly due to the fact that it allows users to unashamedly do all the things that most people do online anyway, but won’t admit it. That is, make snap-judgments based on shallow and meaningless presumptions founded on someone’s online presence. Essentially turning passing judgment into a past time.

Although the co-founder of Tinder Justin Mateen has not specified how many active users the site has, statistics state that the app is being downloaded 10,000 to 20,000 times a day. Sixty percent of these users check it daily, with many doing so five or more times a day.

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Gonski reforms in doubt as Newman pushes Great Teachers policy

As the Federal Government and State Governments continue to negotiate signing onto the Gonski school reforms, the debate both inside and outside the bureaucracy seems divided.

The Gonski Review recommends funding on a per student basis. However, the Queensland Government’s recently introduced Great Teachers Equals Great Results plan aims to focus spending on raising teacher quality in schools.

Although state government’s have till the 30th of June to officially sign off on the Gonski Review, it seems that the Queensland Government is already making it clear how they feel about the reforms. Continue reading

What is the Gonski Review?

In 2010 A Review of School Funding was commissioned to address a substantial decline in education standards. The review was the first comprehensive rethinking of education funding since the Whitlam government’s Karmel Report in 1973. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development released figures stating that there is a significant gap between the highest and lowest achieving students in Australia (See below).

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RAVE Magazine

Major and independent album reviews published in RAVE magazine from March 2010 till June 2011

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