New Research Shows Facebook is Miles Ahead (Written for Social Media Monitors)

This article was first published on Social Media Monitors’ Corporate Blog:

If you have ever doubted the longevity of Facebook in online marketing, then new research from Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report will have you eating your words.

A lot of people have been debating the validity of Facebook lately, especially as younger demographics move away from the social media network.

However, the latest round of intensive research finished in October 2014, and has shown that Facebook is definitely here to stay. Not only that, but it is quickly overtaking other online networks and outperforming some of the biggest names in technology.

Shareaholic monitored the world’s eight most popular social media platforms. Their study showed that Facebook creates four times more traffic than any of its competitors. Website statistics and analytics show that Facebook generates four times more social referrals at 22.36%, with its nearest competitor being Pinterest at 5.52%.


Facebook’s share of redirecting online traffic to websites has increased by over 115% in just the past year. This is a vital statistic for online marketers and business owners as your social media presence should be designed to send people to your website, and therefore your products and sales.


The huge difference between Facebook and its online competitors is very significant, which re-confirms its place at the top of all social media networks. It’s continuing and ongoing efforts to retain its pervasive presence online have paid off.

Social Bakers also conducted new research that suggests Facebook will also overtake YouTube in direct video uploads. Over 180,000 videos were surveyed and they found that content creators uploaded 50% more videos onto Facebook directly in June 2014 than they did in January. This positive trend indicates a significant growth in the number of videos being uploaded and shared on Facebook. If it continues on this trajectory then videos uploaded to Facebook will surpass uploads on YouTube by the end of 2014.

Youtube has been synonymous with video uploads for years now. The concept that Facebook could now overtake it is groundbreaking.


The graph above indicates that in January this year, YouTube video uploads outnumbered those on Facebook by nearly 200%. However, only six months later Facebook had closed in and reduced the gap to an amazing 15%.

Why the sudden change? Well it makes sense for content creators to move over to Facebook because Facebook consistently outperforms YouTube and all other networks in views and engagement. To put it simply, more people respond on Facebook.

Facebook has definitely caught onto their success here and they haven’t missed a beat in trying to leverage this advantage further. Your video-watching preference will now personally change your individual newsfeed, in order to maximize your engagement with the content.

And if the previous statistics weren’t enough, Facebook has also proven to be the most popular social site on mobile devices. Considering that smartphones and tablets now account for 60% of all time spent online, this is a huge percentage for Facebook.


Consumers also access their social media accounts 71% of the time through a mobile device.

Although you would think that Facebook could sit back and relax with its domination of the social media market, this is not the case. Instead they are constantly and proactively taking steps to build its mobile accessibility and functionality.

Advertising on Facebook is known as a cost-effective and efficient form of advertising. New data coming from Salesforce Marketing Cloud has confirmed what a lot of people in digital marketing already know.

Email subscribers to a business are 22% more likely to make a purchase if they have been exposed to the brand’s Facebook presence. Using Facebook advertising also consistently sees rises in reach of over 77%.


So what do you think? Are these statistics going to give you the push that you need to get your business onto social media?


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