Simpsons Trivia Night (Published on The West End Magazine)

Homer's night outLocal arts collective Contortionist Studios played host to a booked-out trivia night last Friday. From the very get-go it was easy to see that the organisers had not skipped on any detail, with the trivia stage set up exactly like the Simpons’ famed living room. There were donuts and pretzels a plenty, as well as skittles and dedicated fans in costume. Duff Man made an appearance, as did members from the Stonecutters.

I soon realised that, although I considered myself a Simpsons fan, I was nowhere near the level of devotion required to win this thing. The questions were so carefully picked that I quickly resided myself to a miserable defeat. As the whispered answers filled the room and the competition heated up, it was evident that everyone clearly loved the challenge.

The questions covered a variety of topics, quotes and characters from seasons one to ten. A projector was used to play segments from the show. There were prizes for the Best Team, Best Name and Best Costume.

The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down team took out first place, with second place going to Team Discovery Channel. The Best Team Name award was given to Gummy Artisans Who Work Exclusively In The Medium Of Gummy. And finally the Best Costume was awarded to the very dedicated aforementioned Duffman.

Contortionist Studios is a great venue, featuring a bunch of like-minded artistic professionals working to host innovative events. They also offer a range of creative services; such as filming, graphic design and web design.

The Simpsons Trivia night was a great night and I can only hope that the team at the studio plans to continue this trivia tangent. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.


2 thoughts on “Simpsons Trivia Night (Published on The West End Magazine)

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